TONK SNIPER BETA 2.0 is finally here, check out what's new

What's new?

  1. Copy trade channel - Copy your favorite influencer's calls We refactored our logic so that the copy channel uses the infrastructure provided by Telegram itself, removing the old code and eliminating request time.

Improved Example: Now all calls use Telegram's own server, and you will be able to copy them in real-time without delay.

  1. Show of profit or loss system: Now you can share your profit or loss with your friends using an image with a QR code leading directly to your referral link.

  2. Referral link: Our referral link pays you instantly for each new trade made through the referral link. Percentage of our total profit = 30% (0.3% of trade volume)

  3. Take profit and stop loss for each specific token: Previously, it was only possible to set a universal take profit and stop loss. Now you can set a take profit and stop loss for each token you are trading.

  4. Call to Earn: It's a function with a call to action for you to share your referral link. When your friend asks you for the referral link, you can paste the referral link into our bot and use the "Share token" function, and they will receive the direct purchase link, already paying your referral in the "Call".

  5. Improvements in the track monitor: Now you can reset the information if the API retrieves your initial and worth incorrectly, or if the cash saves your position cumulatively.

  6. SNIPER Found a hot contract about to be launched? Create a sniper position and get ahead of everyone as soon as liquidity is added, being one of the first to buy, increasing your profit percentage.

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